Thursday, September 17, 2020

Quarantine Cooking Collection

2020 sure has been a crazy year. During the shelter in place orders my cooking and gardening really exploded. What else is there to do when you lose your job and can't go anywhere? You learn to cook new things! I will be posting pictures and links to recipes that I have been making since March 2020. One of my new favorite gadgets is my Air Fryer!
I got over my fear of cooking Indian Food and I even learned to try new things. During the first part of SIP I wanted to make a new thing every day. After about 2 months that got really hard and I found myself craving some of the new stuff I discovered making. One of the first things that I made in mid March that wast totally new was the French Onion Noodle Soup From Bon Apetit. It was perfect for the dreary early spring days.
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