Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Love is Sweet" Dessert Table Banner

I just got back from a family wedding in Minnesota. I helped the bride with decorations by cutting out decorations with my Silhouette. We spent many hours cutting and assembling everything. I decided to try my hand at making a banner for their dessert table. I used the vintage sheet music that was left from the paper flowers we made to fill the burlap cones that adorned the aisle seats during the ceremony.

The banner was pretty simple to make and I have lots of  cardstock on hand and jute twine. I really love the way the banner turned out so I decided to make a few more to sell in that etsy shop I keep wanting to open.


  1. I want to throw a party to celebrate my parents marriage. I would use this there. :) (also, your cookie monster quote on your randoms pinterest board made both my husband and I lol! thanks!)

  2. My best friends wedding is in April and I am doing a sweet table for her - it would be fab to win as she would love it x

  3. I would love use this for our candy station at my wedding next year, this is absolutely perfect!

  4. getting married this fall and I'd love to be able to use this!!

  5. Id love to gift this to my engaged friend for her candy bar at her upcoming wedding!!

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